Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor features and details

Intel has unveiled Xeon Phi, its latest 50 core supercomputer. It has more than 50-core 22 nm, coprocessors. These coprocessors are assembled through the Many Integrated Core architecture. In fact, this supercomputer created such a storm when it was introduced in the Internation Supercomputing Conference that it stole the spotlight from Nvidia’s Tesla!

Xeon Phi started off with Larrabee architecture six years back. Much like Nvidia’s Fermi, Larrabee also intended this to be a GCGPU, but it got scrapped in 2010. The idea of having an Many Integrated Core design emerged shortly after this. The Xeon Phi now boasts of vector processors as well. Intel also said that the MIC cores in the computer are capable of 513- bit SIMD as it has 16- wide ALU!

The Xeon Phi coprocessors come in many varieties. It starts at 50 cores. It has a GDDR5 RAM which comes in 8-16 GB. The real world performance of this supercomputer is expected to be 1 teraflops per coprocessor. This is much higher than the Nvidia Tesla or AMD. Xeon Phi makes the most out of the x86 architecture and it comes in the state of the art tool chain as well. This computer also promises real world performance, not just theoretical performance.

This, in fact, happens to be one of the best factors of the Xeon Phi. It provides raw, intelligent performance without compromising on the ease of performance as well. It is easy to deploy and use. Since most of the HPC installations have AMD or Intel chips, it will be easier for people to use the Xeon Phi as there is no need to shift to OpenCL or CUDA.

The Intel Xeon Phi is expected to be available commercially by the end of the year.

What is Smurf attack? how will it affect

Smurf invasion is type of DOS/DDOS attack to affect computers severely. Smurf attack can slow down the speed of running server of the cluster of computers. A huge volume of data and spammed content is sent to one’s server without getting permission. This type of digitally spammed data creates huge problem to ensure the proper functionality of the computer.

Smurf infection must be checked to increase the efficiency of the computers. If you are not fully aware of the originality and sources of the Smurf onset to paralyze the database of the computers, you will have to be more concerned about the negative impact of the Smurf which should be immediately handled using the sophisticated anti computer hacking software tools.

The basic functionality of the computers is severely affected due to the sudden attack of Smurf which brings down the uptime frequencies to an uncomfortable state whereas there is steady increase in the downtime percentage. Spammed messages in a ICMP formats are sent randomly to the computer. The passages of IP address ports are split and broken to channelize the infected servers of the computers. This type of Smurf invasion will help outsiders to hack computers for stealing digital files, information and pdf files from the databases of computers.

Smurf sends the terrific amount of digital files and data to block the transit of the IP port. The server is under the threat of being attacked by virus, spyware and spam. The overall performance of the computer goes down. In severe cases, the downtime can touch zenith whereas the uptime reaches nadir. Even, Smurf attackers constantly bang the server by sending pings and short messages which create lot of problems to run the server to support the web hosting services in a more systematic manner. Due to the Smurf invasion, the digital space in the form of bandwidth inside the server is used in safekeeping data and ICMP messages.

Difference between DOS and DDOS Attacks

If you are a software engineer, you should possess the basic knowledge in relation to difference between denial of service attack and distributed denial of service attack which can do harm to your electronic display units. However, you will have to gain special expertise in the removal of technical drawbacks by protecting your computers from the onset of DOS and DDOS attacks.

The difference between denial of service attack is mainly harmful to a computer which will lose efficiency steadily due to the DOS onset to minimize the competency of a single display unit. However, in the case of distributed denial of service onset, a number of digital computers and laptops get infected. Computers must be well protected from the attack of the DDOS. Botnet is the term which is usually applicable to the case of damaged computers. Botnet is a defective computer with fully damaged server. DDOS destructs and inactivates server and other parts of the computer.

Due to the constant innovation and modification in tele-communication industry, the DDOS attack designers and originators use very sophisticated technology to dampen the server of the computer. The hard disks are damaged and the computers lose its efficiency to work properly. There are many DDOS originators who utilize their sophisticated technologies to attack cluster of computers via vectors. This type of channelization of DDOS germs to damage computers in a cluster must be properly handled. However, according to experts, in the case of both DDOS or DOS attack, the chances of protecting or repairing infected computers without affecting the servers is very low as DDOS infection is severe in damaging the internal chips of computers. Advanced DDOS attack originators first of all start their operations by backfiring different types of ICMP messages but later they apply more intricate UDP and TCP type messages to accelerate the severity of the servers of computers.

Protect Your Computer Preventing DDOS Attacks

Are you familiar with the term DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service? Do you like to protect your computer from being hacked? Basically, every year, companies suffer from the distortion of messages, emails and random attack of spammed content. Unnecessary junk mails and spammed items slow down the speed of computer.

If it is a large size company, it must have a powerful data protection and tracking software. It can manage expenses to keep the computers in safe. Vital information must be guarded properly. However, the fact is that if a small scale company faces DDoS problems, it will become painful to any entrepreneurial community. However, it is more beneficial to chalk out plans to upgrade the system by installing anti- DDoS software tools for increasing the protection of computers. Computer hacking and tampering have become a menace to the IT sectors. Simultaneously, experts are trying to find the way to solution.

DDoS damages the computer severely as this type of willful cyber crime does harm to the online database. If you have sites for product promotion, you will receive junk mails, irrelevant digital files and lot of unreliable data which will enter into your sites. This type of infiltration causes casualties like a decrease in the speed, obstructive data conversion and difficulty to open the web pages in sites. For this reason, if you like to optimize your website fantastically, you will have to rethink to learn how to safeguard your system from the grips of DDoS. You will have to talk to experts to activate a powerful data tracking software so that in the long run you can get caboodle of benefits to protect digital data, images and photos which are very important to you.

Learn well how to buy anti DDoS software from the authentic dealers for installation. DDoS must be removed completely so that the transaction between you and your clients will be smooth and trouble free.

Superb Internet unveils White-Label Reseller Hosting

The people who are related to resell hosting have experienced the pain of billing of the clients every month, often attending numerous phone calls and emails related to billing. It was on Monday that the Superb Internet, the web hosting provider has announced the launch of white label share reseller hosting which includes free billing platform. According to press release, the platform allows unlimited customer accounts and runs off cPanel and Linux. It allows resellers to provide client login and branded invoices, above 50 gateways for payment. The staff of Superb is committed to provide the customers of resale with all tools for their billing platform.

The superb internet staff will provide live training for billing platform to the reseller customers, which will be manageable for $2/month for each client. It also offers unlimited tech support at $ 2 each month. According to Ken Nunes, the COO of Superb they have given all to the shared hosting reseller as they really require from a reseller program starting from free white label billing software, managed billing, and the cpanel while keeping in mind their price point. The managed billing is in fact revolutionary with the staff managing the reseller’s billing for only $2 per month per client while concentrating on business with features involving unlimited billing, calling clients even without the presence of the reseller, invoice management.

According to press release the basic plan gives five IP addresses, 5TB of transfer and 50 GB disk space and its solution is thoroughly based on its customers. The basic plan starts at $29 each month. A program on refer-a-friend is also implemented so that when a friend is referred to a reseller program by a reseller both of them receives a credit of $100. In addition to it Superb internet also offered dedicated servers, managed hosting, colocation and VPS.

Factors to Consider While Shortlisting Good Web Hosting Service

Are you simply confused how to start your online business? Do you have any idea about site optimization programs? However, it will be more beneficial to collect information about hosting services.

It is true that if you are not able to reach customers for convincing them about pros of your products, it will be difficult to sell collectibles for earning money. As internet has become the strongest vehicles of doing online marketing, you will have to rely on this user-friendly source of establishing a strong rapport with people via internet.

World wide hosting service is naturally effective and more beneficial to entrepreneurs to gain profits and mileage to establish a strong platform to gain success in doing business. Comparing to traditional marketing system, the modern internet based marketing strategies are more performance based and result oriented.

It is seen that online web hosting service is of different types. You will have to decide which type of web hosting service comes handy to help someone to support online campaigns to promote products and services. There are free web hosting services. It is completely free. You can advertise your saleable products in your sites. Even you can design your sites as per your choice. However, the major defect in the selection of this free web hosting service lies in the sharing of bandwidth and space with other clients. They will run their endorsement campaigns in the sites which are operated by you. Frequent downtime is also a major drawback and you will have to overtake this type of problem.

However, dedicated web hosting server is more authenticate, reliable and functional. A dedicated server will check your bandwidth. It provides authentic routs for surfing. There is good IP address building up process. Dedicated web hosting server can be operated comfortably. You are not liable to share bandwidth with other clients. You will enjoy full fledged freedom to operate server independently.

Dedicated servers will give you chances to design multiple domains for the upgradation of the websites. You will have better chances to optimize your sites. Web pages will be opened at high speed. The maximum uptime and minimum downtime are available with the dedicated web hosting services.

The speedy web page loading process is another feature of this type of dedicated web hosting service. So far as the data protection and overall security are concerned, dedicated web hosting services provide the compact backup to users to protect digital data and images in more scientific way.

Google Took Drastic Steps to Prevent Spam Free Hosting Tools

Recently, a storm has started blowing over the IT sectors regarding the drastic measures taken by Google authority against corrupted webmasters who are not only violating the established laws of Google but also their spammed free sites are becoming a menace to Google.

For this reason, finding no way out, Google has stepped forward drastically to restrict the usage of sites in promoting online business and promotional campaigns. The fact is that to what extent you are interested to filter your sites to steer clear of the hazards and caustic showdown with the authority of Google.

In terms of quality, Google has declared so far that this SEO service provider will not spare any wrong dealing. Nor has it any intention to provide undue indulgence to spam and site tampering. It will not shake hands with corrupted and fake webmasters who are not eager to make a fair deal. Spam lowers the volume of web traffic. It damages the site. It also makes the site substandard in quality. The ranking of the site will be low. For increasing the web traffic and accelerating the ranking in Google, it is essential to abide by the set of rules framed by the higher authority. There are many free hosts which are spammed. The free hosting service providers will have tough time in the event of the enforcement of such a law in future. However it doesn’t mean that every free host is bad and spammed. Instead of bearing costs to choose dedicated server, you must do comparison study to select the well recognized free hosting server which is not affected by spam.

Goggle’s decision has many realistic aspects. The truth lies in the survey reports and extrapolated facts collected by Google authority. However, to be frank, this type of decision will not do havoc damage to free hosting service providers if they are reliable and well determined to keep their promises in providing the best quality service.

Google penalty :-How Many Google Penalties Are There?

If you like to optimize your website in internet, you will have to depend on Google search engine for getting higher rankings so that online visitors in net will get back confidence to navigate in your online portal for getting relevant information. However, to be frank, google penalty is a global concern as you can be charge sheeted by the authority of Gooble SEO Company for the violation of pre-fixed rules set by Google. In the event of the indifference to these hard and fast rules to optimize sites, anyone can invite penalty which will lower the goodwill of your sites.

There are many persons who like to increase the volume of web traffic within short span of time for ensuring better online endorsement campaigns. For this reason, they often misuse their power and try to opt for unfair means to accelerate the volume of web traffic. Now, this is bad for any online navigator and you will have to be a good decision maker in avoiding Google penalty to save both time and money.

How to Handle with Bloop and Google Penalties?

There are some common Google penalties and you will have to take care of these bloops so that you can get back reputation and no-objection citation from the concerned authority of Google. First of all you will have to be careful of the selection of web based keywords, domains and URLs which must be relevant to the context. If you use obsolete and hackneyed keywords with repetitions, you will have to face the dire consequences. You will have to be more conscious about the selection of the keywords and captcha modification tools. If your online portal is over stuffed with over-used keywords and other digital texts, video clips and embedded links and URLs, you can suffer from the google penalty. There are other causes which should be omitted with competency. If your site is linked with good many foreign domains and hidden links at a time to put pressure on the data conversion process, you will have to minimize the risks by upgrading sites using sophisticated technology.

Hidden or unknown sites are always dangerous. Google penalties can take place in the event of reinforcing the correspondence with these unknown portals. Secondly, if your link building programs are obstructive and defective, there will be risk of bearing Google penalties for incorrect link constructions for the upgradation of the communication with sits/ online visitors. Cloaking and obstructive and sneaky redirect can be detrimental to the site optimization process. Sometimes, misrepresentation and improper display of offensive content can incur loss and destruction. You will have to upgrade the quality of the sites owned by you in such a way so that your portal will be out of danger from the google penalties.

Keep in Touch with Modern Tips to Avoid Google Penalties

It will be much better to check your emotions by stop backfiring automated replies/queries/feedbacks to Google search engine service provider. In addition, every web page should be neat and clean without being overloaded with technical jargons, irrelevant video clips and hidden urls. Over burden in fake content and texts can do lot of harms to online browsers, site owners and guys who will have to pay Google penalty charges.

According to experts, it is not a right decision to design new web pages as many as you can. You will have to restrict your passion in the creation of multiple digital pages in a single portal which has limited bandwidth. So many sub-domains can speed up the lackluster of the sites and you will have to be entrapped into the soap suds of online Google penalties and scam.

Sites should be exempted from harmful spam and viruses. If you are not able to understand what your site requires for appearing more attractive and informative, you will have to invite someone special for the further assistance.

Steering clear of doorway digital pages can create a negative impact on the sites. Sites without originality will distort the facts and sequences. In terms of quality and performance, you must be more duty bound to upgrade the website/portal online abiding by set of rules fixed by Google SEO service provider.

You should be well aware of the adverse outcome due to be under -30 and -950 Google penalty charges. To speak the truth, -30 Google penalties can put the whole domain on the verge of destruction. Your domain will be at risk for violating the rules which have been tailored by Google authority. In the case of -950 you will incur loss to some extent as it will affect few URLs which are not properly relevant to serve the purpose. You need to know how much you are secured from -30 and -950 Google penalty. You will have to talk to your advisors to get proper feedbacks.

SEO Tip – How to Choose Correct Domain Name for Search Engine Optimization

If you want to launch your website for the expansion of your online business, you will have to chalk out plans how to draw the attention of online buyers who are interested to buy products and services via online marketing system. However the fact is that only introduction of website will not come handy. You will have to increase the aesthete of the website by optimizing your online portal with perfection.

SEO company helps people to improve their websites for better performance in the online market The entrepreneurial community shows interest to get instant assistance from SEO based companies which are performing their duties meticulously for the site upgradation and optimization. There are a number of ways to heighten the ranking of the website for getting popularity. SEO service providers play the significant roles to optimize sites in more organized way to accelerate the volume of web traffic.

The selection of domain name is one of the important tasks to escalate the ranking of site. You should contact the SEO companies which offer the list of domain names like, or These are common URLs such as etc. Choose the right domain name which highlights your business area. For instance if you like to start your downstream project on digital gadgets, you can rebuild your URL like . Try to bring uniqueness to your link building program. If you want to start up your online business in any particular foreign country, you can choose the domain name such as

AntiSpam Bee Review -Free Akismet Alternative for WordPress

Akismat is a well-known anti-spam service provider which offers the cost effective technical backup for the protection of the site from spam, and pingbacks. If you are disturbed due to massive onset of pingbacks, you need to take pre-emptive measures for safeguarding the website.

However, till now Akismat is only offering free anti-spam service for the development of personal blogs . It doesn’t cover the advertisement areas in the blogs. Akistmat has good performance track record. There are a number of options which are open to people for choosing the anti-spam program to safeguard computer from spams and pingbacks. There is also Pro-single site anti-spam option which is chargeable. Minimum $5 is deducted as a part of delivery of anti-spam service to clients. However, if you are unable to pay Akismat for getting anti-spam service, you can opt for AntiSpam Bee which is more reliable, growth oriented and honest in making commercial deal with online dealers.

There are certain features of AntiSpam Bee like the availability of historical stats on the web based dashboard of the site, the proper arrangement for blocking the entry of spams from other foreign countries and speedy spam deletion process to increase the quality of the website. Site operators will get new updates about spam entries. There is no requirement of installation of complicated ant-spam downloadable software tools which are difficulty to operate. AntiSpam Bee is also competent to harness the borderline spam as well.